#MollysKids: Sydney Wilson

#MollysKids: Sydney Wilson
#MollysKids: Sydney Wilson(Family photo)
Published: Mar. 29, 2021 at 9:39 PM EDT
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CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Sydney Wilson is recovering from brain surgery. Big sentence for anyone -- especially a 19-year-old.

This Catawba County girl was diagnosed in November with a brain tumor and had a craniotomy on November 27 to have it removed. After the surgery was over, a biopsy revealed it was an extremely rare cancer called anaplastic ganglioglioma. This means Sydney is facing a serious, slow-growing tumor.

Short of that though, there aren’t many known facts.

This former varsity basketball player at Bandys High School went through chemo and radiation. She’s currently on two drugs her doctors at Wake Forest Baptist Health Medical Center say they hope will reduce the chance of tumor recurrence. Both drugs are part of a clinical trial (partly why there’s not much information).

“It has been a long few months,” said mom Brooke Hull. “Due to the location of the tumor -- the left parietal lobe of her brain -- Sydney’s vision was affected. She has bilateral vision loss and right eye hemianopsia. Along with the cancer doctors and treatments, she’s also now being treated by a neuro-ophthalmologist.”

Again, a lot for anyone. Add into the fact her mom says because the tumor is rare, doctors aren’t able to give definitive insight. Her mom is positive though, saying the family has consulted with researchers to provide the best and most aggressive treatment options.

“We feel extremely fortunate the tumor was able to be removed at all,” said Brooke.

Sydney currently is a sophomore at Appalachian State University,  pursuing a degree in elementary education. Her hometown still supports her big -- Bandy’s women’s basketball team hosted a shoot-a-thon last month to help with her medical expenses.

“Sydney has remained joyful, optimistic and unwavering throughout this journey,” Brooke said. “Her motto is... ‘Still I rise.’”

Welcome to #MollysKids, Sydney. Great photo.


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