Molly’s Kids: south Charlotte 6yo Brandon Kosowitz -- lives with a syndrome only 100 people in the world have

Mollys kids
Mollys kids(Family photo)
Published: Apr. 6, 2021 at 11:07 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - This south Charlotte 6-year-old is a beloved little brother, huge Carolina Panthers fan, mini beach bum, and the newest one of our amazing #MollysKids. Not sure we’ve ever heard a story like his.

Stick with us on this one.

Brandon Kosowitz lives with Smith-Kingsmore Syndrome. SKS—as it’s called—affects less than 100 people across the world. Think about that. One hundred people. It comes with a host of complications including seizures, autism, and both intellectual and physical disabilities. These complications can sometimes be deadly.

Mollys kids
Mollys kids(WBTV)

Brandon was diagnosed in 2019, but three months ago things really got scary. His mom walked in to wake him up on the morning of January 18th, and found him unresponsive.

“It was the worst moment of our lives,” said mom Golin Kosowitz. “We rushed him to the hospital where his condition declined further: He had extreme brain swelling and went through emergency brain surgeries. Since then he has been at Levine Children’s Hospital fighting his way back to us.”

Just tonight, 12-weeks later, Brandon was released to go home.

“In the beginning of his hospital stay, we realized his entire right side of his body had become paralyzed,” said Golin. “It remains that way now. I’m going to send you a photo of me getting to hold him after 45 days. To not hold your son for 45 days… all I can tell you is... when I finally could... that moment... to hold him... was magical.”

That picture she sent is in comments.

As for the future, the family says they hope the unaffected side of Brandon’s brain will take over, and eventually, he’ll regain the ability to walk and use his arm.

“We missed him hanging around the house, running and playing with his brother Graham, who’s 9, and our golden retriever,” Golin said. “But we have hope, because Brandon has hope. He loves throwing the ball with his brother, the Minions, the ocean, watching sports on TV and has never, ever once given up. So, neither will we. The amount of suffering he has endured has been devastating, but despite all he faces, he fights with a smile on his face every day.”

It’s clear his family is fighting right alongside of him. This past February Golin and her husband, Brandon’s dad, Aron Kosowitz, launched a non-profit called Brandon’s Battle Foundation for SKS Kids. Golin says its goal is to help find treatments and work towards a cure for this neurological disorder.

“We’ve been floored by the outpouring of support from families, friends, and even strangers,” Golin said. “It feels good to feel like we’re accelerating research. All money raised will support medical research.”

You can find more about their 501©3 at

“We often feel alone,” Golin said. “But know there is a network. That’s in part why we reached out to you—we wanted to share our new charity, but to also connect with others. We want to help other families who are going through what we’re going through. We want them to know that they are seen.”

Helping others while going through hell.

Check the picture of Golin holding her son below. A great reminder to never stop hugging those we love.

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