S.C. schools dealing with quarantined students, sometimes in the triple digits

Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 6:06 PM EDT
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INDIAN LAND, S.C. (WBTV) -Well over 1,500 students are on COVID quarantine protocols in all seven South Carolina school districts in the WBTV viewing area.

WBTV has already started seeing the first handful of students be sent home because of a positive test but the numbers are not exactly how they seem.

One district, that has over 200 students on COVID quarantine, says some of the new numbers coming in are from students who have yet to step on campus.

That means those students got COVID and were told to quarantine before the first day of school on Monday. WBTV asked DHEC if they have any data that could break down the numbers between students put on quarantine before and after the first day, but it said they were not offering that.

Despite some of the numbers coming in before the first day of school, some students are still being sent home just three days after the new school year started.

Stacy Greene, an Indian Land parent who got the COVID quarantine call Wednesday, says she cannot believe this is happening the first week of school.

”To get this call so early on day three, it’s devastating, it’s heartbreaking. He’s bored and he’s got FOMO like what is he missing?” said Greene.

Whenever a student comes into close contact with someone who has tested positive, they have to quarantine for two weeks.

If that student’s test comes back positive, it’s an additional 10 days.

South Carolina’s health agency says as of Tuesday, 142 students have tested positive for COVID-19. But what about those students who are just quarantining because of a close contact?

Stacy Greene’s husband has had COVID twice. One of those times she says, his son brought it home to him. So to get the call from the school saying her child had been exposed to COVID again was almost too much to handle.

”He says your not gonna like this are you sitting down? He goes you have to go pick up your son now, he has to quarantine. He’s been exposed,” said Greene.

That was the conversation between Greene and her husband about her son, who just started school Monday. This conversation happened Wednesday, his third day of school.

”Shocked and not shocked,” Greene said. “We knew it was coming, the delta is clearly everywhere but you don’t expect it this soon.”

Her son is new to the area and in the process of getting to know his school and classmates. Now, Greene says he could be missing up to three weeks.

”He came home Monday saying school was amazing, I had so much fun. He loves it here. And to get that phone call yesterday just broke my heart,” said Greene.

Lancaster County Schools already has a 533 students on quarantine. The school district is not the only one dealing with COVID already. Rock Hill has the second most with about 260. Chesterfield County comes in with about 216. Clover has about 90 students in quarantine.

York District One and Fort Mill reported Tuesday having 180 and 250 respectively. Chester County estimates about 30 students but will not have a firm number until Thursday night.

”It’s bad. It’s very stressful and anxiety-ridden,” Greene said.

Greene said she loves her Indian Land school and the district, but she hopes something changes soon so her son can stay in school.

”I hope the parents and the community come together because if this is happening week one what’s going to happen moving forward,” said Greene.

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