‘Uptick’ in motorcycle accidents in York County, troopers patrolling the area

Every three days, a motorcyclist is killed in South Carolina.
That motorcycle crash was the sixth crash in a month in this York County area alone, according to South Carolina Highway Patrol.
Published: Jun. 28, 2022 at 6:58 PM EDT
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CLOVER, S.C. (WBTV) - We are currently in the middle of what South Carolina Highway Patrol calls the 100 deadliest days of summer.

It is called that because of the number of accidents that happen on the roads during this time. In one county in our area, there is been an uptick in one type of accident: motorcycle accidents.

Every three days, a motorcyclist is killed in South Carolina. That is a statistic coming from South Carolina Highway Patrol from 2020.

154 motorcyclists died on South Carolina roads last year, which is a four-decade high. Distracted drivers and drivers under the influence are just some of the reasons those numbers are ticking up.

Kelsey Beatty and her boyfriend, Cameron, had been hit on Ridge Road in Clover by a distracted driver who crossed over the line.

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“My daughter laid there on the pavement with somebody standing next to her and she said ‘is my leg gone’ and they said I think it is,” says Kelsey’s mother, Jeanine Beatty. “To say heart-wrenching would not be sufficient to say what it was like as a mom.”

Kelsey lost her leg and part of her pelvis. She also had a broken knee in her other leg. Her boyfriend Cameron lost his leg, as well as three fingers. Neither had a good chance of surviving if two trauma nurses hadn’t been right behind the crash.

”It’s a miracle and it’s what saved their lives. To have those two people to get out of their car and go be by the side of Cameron and Kelsey,” she says.

That motorcycle crash was the sixth crash in a month in this York County area alone according to Highway Patrol. The day before Kelsey’s crash, another motorcyclist had died after crashing, that was the second motorcycle death in eight days.

“That is an uptick,” says Trooper Brandon Bolt with SC Highway Patrol.

Trooper Brandon Bolt with South Carolina Highway Patrol says nicer weather brings out more motorcycles and cars. The chance of a collision right now is higher than ever. Troopers say these types of accidents happen more during the summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The 100 Deadly Days of Summer campaign kicks off each year in hopes these types of accidents and sometimes even deaths can be avoided.

“In car vs motorcycle collisions it’s typically the cars fault. Because motorcycle drivers tend to know they have to be aware. They have less distractions on the bikes,” he says.

Trooper Bolt says more troopers were sent to this area to try to keep those increasing numbers down though. They are patrolling the areas to make sure people are seatbelted and paying attention.

”It’s kind of like having your parents around. When you’re with your parents you’re usually on your best behavior. When troopers are around it discourages people to do what they’re not supposed to do,” he says.

It is words Beatty is thankful to hear so more people can be aware of just how dangerous their actions behind the wheel can be.

”There’s nothing more important than paying attention to what’s on the road,” says Beatty.

Trooper Bolt says giving motorcyclists ample room is key to avoid wrecks as well as making sure to check your surroundings at all times. Of course, no distracted driving can help avoid collisions too.

There is a GoFundMe for both Kelsey and Cameron who are both still in the hospital getting surgeries and recovering. You can find Kelsey’s here and Cameron’s here.

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